Chisholm Trail Coalition

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A Hay Wagon Ride through

Historic Enid Cemetery

Costumed Re-enactors portray historical characters who once lived in the Enid area!

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~ Oct. 16 & 17, 2020 ~   



Through its activities and projects, our non-profit organization hopes to preserve for future generations the colorful history of Enid, Oklahoma, and of the Chisholm Trail.

Upcoming Events include:

Walking Tours

Bus Tours

Trolley Tours

Chuck Wagon Cookouts

Tour of Simpson's Old Time Museum

Trick Ropers

Educational Tours

(Bringing history to life for children, to complement what they are learning in the classroom)

And Much, Much More!!!

Chisholm Trail Coalition

Walking Tour Tombstone Tales Enid History The Chisholm Trail

The Chisholm Trail Coalition is a historical re-enactment group in Enid, Oklahoma

The Chisholm Trail Enid History Walking Tour

The CHISHOLM TRAIL COALITION is a group of volunteers in Enid, Oklahoma dedicated to preserving the history of the city of Enid, the Cherokee Strip, and the Chisholm Trail in northern Oklahoma. We are....

....Making History Fun!!!

Tombstone Tales Tombstone Tales 2016 Tombstone Tales Thanks to our friends at P & K Equipment and Park Avenue Thrift For their valuable support!

CHISHOLM TRAIL COALITION • 201 W. Owen K. Garriott • ENID, OKLAHOMA 73701 • {580) 233-3643 Ext. 1

See Photos from the  Tombstone Tales tour!

 Tombstone Tales  

 Trolley Tours  

     TROLLEY BOB, an old-style rubber tire trolley, was purchased by THE CHISHOLM TRAIL COALITION for use in and around our community for: tours, weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, class reunions and any event that needs transportation.  The trolley comfortably seats 21 passengers, and for short trips others can stand and hold on to rails.

     For reservations and information about the availability of the trolley for your event, please call THE ENID WELCOME CENTER at (580) 233-3643 (Extension 1).

     THE CHISHOLM TRAIL COALITION conducts tours up and down THE CHISHOLM TRAIL, going North and South out of Enid.  These tours include stopping at 7 or 8 historical sites along the trail, with the tour guide telling about the history of that particular site.  We stop for a meal at one of the restaurants along the trail, and the tour is approximately 4 hours long.   

     A CHRISTMAS LIGHTS TOUR in and around Enid is also provided by THE CHISHOLM TRAIL COALITION during the Christmas season.

     For dates, costs, and times of the tours, please call THE ENID WELCOME CENTER at (580) 233-3643 Ext. 1

Tombstone Tales Tour

Subject to Cancellation!